Best Men’s Fashion Tips 2017 – My Number 1 Tip

Best Men’s Fashion Tips 2017

Whar are the best men’s fashion tips? There are a lot of tips and tricks I have up my sleeve in order to improve your fashion sense and style. But without any doubt, there is one that rises above them all.

Colour and style match!

What good are the flamiest garms and crepes if they look strange and out of place? A good rule of thumb for colour coordination is to pick 2-3 colours and build your outfit using only those colours (this includes shoes). Build your outfit to complement each other and plan colour coordination.

Let’s take a look at an example of a modern men’s fashion guru Kanye West.

Kanye West Men's Fashion
Kanye West Men’s Fashion


Here you can see his outfit built on Green, Brown, and Grey.

Be careful selecting your colours some don’t go as well together as others!

The Colour Wheel

Mens Fashion Colour Wheel
Colour Wheel

The color wheel – which was developed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666 – is the basis for all color theory. The 12 colors are called “hues.”

Adding a little bit of white to any of these colors will make them a tint lighter, while adding a little bit of black will make them a tint darker. In theory, all of these colors are connected, so coordinating them works, but knowing how to do that properly is essential.

The closer the colors are to each other, the easier they are to coordinate. For example, wearing a blue dress shirt with a tie that has blue-green strips is a good, simple coordination. On the other hand, trying to mix yellow-green and red-violet can get messy, so knowing how to mix these colors is important.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks best men’s fashion tips 2017. Share if you learned something important! Keep up to date with my blog for more great and useful content released on a weekly basis. I will help transform you into a stylish and fashionable man, help improve confidence and give a little help with the ladies!

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