Festival Outfits For Men

Festival Outfits For Men


Festival season is still going strong and a question I am asked often is “how can I look great at a festival?” trying to find an outfit that looks great and is also okay to get kind of destroyed is a fine art. Luckily I’m here to help. Here are my top tips on festival outfits for men!


  • Keep your outfits simple and lightweight. If you’re camping at a festival you don’t want loads of bulky clothes to carry that will make you hot.


  • Coordinate your colours, you can still look good with a good colour scheme and outfit without risking your top brands and most expensive clothing to perish in the festival madness!


  • Festivals are all about having fun and your clothes should reflect this. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colourful clothes.


  • British festivals are renowned for their terrible weather and you will almost certainly need something stylish to stay dry.


  • You’ll need a pair of durable and versatile pair of shoes for a festival. Wellies aren’t going to look good and sandals will end in tears.


  • Accessorise with a good pair of retro shades. A bucket hat or cap are also great additions.


  • Find a good balance between style and practicality, is there a good raincoat and Wellington boot combination you can keep in the locker in case of adverse weather?


  • Finally, and by far my most important tip! Keep away from the Kanye shutter shades and Borat Mankinis! It’s not 2012 and the Mankini epically has lost its novelty. It just looks gross.


I hope you find my tips useful and have a great time attending any festivals you can! Keep updated on my blog for all the latest in men’s fashion and style. And feel free to contact me with any individual questions.

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