Yeezy Zebra 350 Boost Re-Release

Yeezy Zebra 350 Boost Re-Release

It’s almost here, as we wait on the much-anticipated re-release of the popular Yeezy Zebra 350 boost this Saturday the 24th of June. You are probably wondering, what is the best way to pick up a pair for yourself? The sole supplier recently came out with a list of all raffles you can enter. Check it out!

If you are one of the fortunate few who do manage to cop a pair on the 24th you may have a few questions. I will do my best to make you look as flamey as possible while rocking your new crepes. Here are my top tips on looking good while in the Yeezy Zebra.

How to lace them.

There are 4 main styles used to lace Yeezy’s and I found a very good YouTube video explaining them better than I can! (My personal favorites are number 3 and number 4)

What to wear them with

This does come down to personal preference. I am always a big fan of colour coordination, you have 3 colours to work with here. Black, white and red with black and white being your main colours. The Yeezys suit a relaxed style look if you can find some white Joggers and a baggy black and white hoody I think you would be onto a winner. Word in the fashion industry is a new company Transcendence Products is looking into a men’s hoody joggers combo that will go perfectly with the zebras so sign up to their email list and keep your eyes peeled!
And of course, the red Adidas socks are a must 😉

Addidas red socks with yeezy zebra
Addidas red socks with yeezy zebra

Should I resell them?

Nothing to do with fashion but if you are able to pick up a pair for retail (£170) it’s not uncommon to see resellers selling for up to £2000! You could fit a whole new flamey wardrobe with that! It’s something to bear in mind.

How to keep them in good condition

Last but not least, there is nothing worse than a pair of Yeezy Zebras or triple whites with dirt on. A proper cleaning ritual is in order to keep your crepes looking fresh.
Thankfully Yeezys for all already wrote a comprehensive guide on this so check it out!.

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